Emergency 24 Hour Vet in Garner24 Hour Emergency Vet Hospital And Animal Medical Center Have Professional Veterinarian For Animal Spay and Neutering, Animal Microchipping, Animal Vaccinations & Shots.

At Pet Smile Vet we have made it our mission to provide comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care and that is in the best interests of you and your furriest family member. If you are the resident of Garner, NC and looking for a Caring Veterinary Team to help make sure your pet remains in good health, Pet Smile Vet is ready to help. Our veterinary hospital is staffed with highly experienced, dedicated veterinarians and veterinary care support staff. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations by treating owners and their pets with respect, honesty, and compassion. At Pet Smile Vet our services are provided in a clean, safe, and friendly environment and our goals are to work as a team, complementing each other's talents and retaining a positive attitude.

Small Animal Vet in Garner

At Pet Smile Vet we provide the highest quality of care for all the small animals. Pet Smile Vet provides full-time facilities to the small animals in Garner, NC. Small Animal Veterinarians at Pet Smile Vet are licensed animal health professionals who are qualified to diagnose and treat a variety of companion species. At Pet Smile Vet small animal practitioners commonly treat dogs and cats as well as other small mammals, birds, and reptiles kept as pets. Pet Smile Vet is a full-service small animal hospital and welcomes both emergency treatment cases as well as pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care across Garner, NC. 

Spay And Neuter Clinic in Garner

At Pet Smile Vet we are doing our best to keep up with an extremely high demand for our affordable spay/neuter services. Spaying And Neutering prevent and reduces the number of serious and expensive health problems, reduces unwanted behavior related to mating, and prevent pet overpopulation. Spaying/neutering your pet can help reduce pet overpopulation and improve the quality of your pet's health. At Pet Smile Vet we offer spay and neuter services for your pets in Garner, NC. Pet Smile Vet veterinary professionals perform more than 17,000 spay/neuter surgeries each year with a personalized focus on every animal. At Pet Smile Vet we ensure people have access to high-quality, affordable spay/neuter services for their pets.

Emergency 24 Hour Vet in Garner

Accidents, injuries, and illnesses never take into account the time of day. While some situations can wait until the next morning or business day, others require immediate attention. This is why at Pet Smile Vet we offer emergency animal hospital services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Garner, NC. Our Emergency Animal Vet Services at Pet Smile Vet provide trauma and critical care for accidents, injuries, and illnesses of all types. At Pet Smile Vet our emergency staff is equipped to manage the medical care and help our clients through stressful and potentially life-threatening situations. In Garner, NC if your pet needs emergency care anytime day or night, we are here for you.
Emergency 24 Hour vet Services in Garner

Veterinary Services in Garner

At Pet Smile Vet we offer the following veterinary services across Garner, NC:

  • Dog Vet in Garner
  • Cat Vet in Garner
  • Dog Microchipping in Garner
  • Emergency 24 Hour Vet in Garner
  • Veterinary Dentistry in Garner
  • Veterinary Euthanasia in Garner

Pet Smile Vet veterinary hospital offers preventative health care as well as advanced diagnostic and surgical services. Our commitment to quality service has led our pet care clinic to become well known and respected throughout the veterinary industry of Garner, NC.

Dog Vet in Garner

At Pet Smile Vet all veterinary services are provided by a Certified Veterinarian and offered to daycare and overnight guests or by appointment for drop-ins. Our veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and front staff work together to provide both you and your dog with a compassionate and professional experience. It is our goal to make sure you feel that your concerns are addressed, you are well informed, and that your dog receives the best care.

Cat Vet in Garner

At Pet Smile Vet our cat hospital utilizes specialized equipment, training of employees, and facilities specific to felines. Our staff is trained to allow cats to move at their own pace which allows them to feel less stress during their visit to our hospital. We understand the needs of cats and how to keep their stress to a minimum. The team Pet Smile Vet understands how to approach and handle cats in a gentle, empathetic, and caring manner.

Dog Microchipping in Garner

At Pet Smile Vet we understand how dear your pet is to you. That is why we introduced a microchipping service for your pet dog. Dog microchipping will help you to Locate Your Lost Dog in Garner, NC. We inject the microchip, which is about the size of a grain of rice (12mm), so that you may not have to bear the loss of your pet dog in a populous place like Garner, NC. 

Emergency 24 Hour Vet in Garner

At Pet Smile Vet we realize a need for 24-hour veterinary emergency care for pets. At Pet Smile Vet no matter what the emergency and no matter what time of day, our clients have a safe and reliable place to turn. If you have a concern or are unsure if the behavior or condition your pet is exhibiting is something that should be seen, we encourage you to call us and speak with our technicians or veterinarians at any time.

Veterinary Dentistry in Garner

At Pet Smile Vet our veterinarians have been providing state-of-the-art Veterinary Dental Care and oral surgery in Garner, NC for almost 20 years. We are an experienced, dentistry-dedicated technical staff, with experience treating high-anesthesia-risk patients. At Pet Smile Vet all patients receive a comprehensive general medical examination prior to the dental procedure.

Veterinary Euthanasia in Garner

In Garner, NC you will see a huge number of pet owners. In that regard, we understand how difficult losing a friend and family member can be. Maintaining a good quality of life for our animals in Garner, NC is also an important part of being a responsible pet owner. At Pet Smile Vet we work with clients and provide services that strive to maintain their pet's comfort and dignity until the very end.